Life is just…..!!! 

Seems like everyone busy with their life. Today’s world everyone is limited with their own world. 

I was walking on street…thinking 💭 
All meet n then separate… Is this a rule? 

If it is then it’s wrong… No  need to meet with anyone if they know they have to separated in future… 

Life always plays with us…. In terms of happiness, sadness, n lots of emotions..!!! 

We are just a toy for life..!!! They teaches us lessons…!!!

Everytime I see you I feel like am most luckiest girl…then suddenly strikes how come I be the luckiest one if we’re going to separated in future. 

Future 🔮…. Nothing to deal with… Whatever be written it’ll happen anyhow. 

Sometimes I thought why I’m thinking too much without any reason…!!!?  Is that problem????? 

Again thinking about life…where it is going… Seems like it’s just going in different directions at the same time….!!!!  

At night,  when everyone is sleeping peacefully, I’m awake, and questioning with me ‘what m doing? ‘ I got nothing…!!! 

Sometimes thought, why life paths are  tough n sometimes easy..?  

Again life is teaching me lessons…!!! 

Watching you smiling really reduce my stress always…. Our paths are not connected with each other but not separated also. 

Well….!!! No one forget to take breath. 

Every soul is here to experience something new…my soul is here too experiencing many things but with you…!!!!

Only living with you is not enough,it needs to be how much purity you’re giving in very less time, wherever, it is for some seconds. 

Again life teaches me…!!! 

Sometimes I thought, I should started behaving like mature person, but again I watch mature people, they’re like fake,wore a mask, they hide their purity and I changed my mind. Yes I’m happy with my childish personality I don’t need to behave like mature people like others. 

Again I learned but an important lesson of life…!!!

Seems like complicated. Everything is zigzag. But I always pleased you to be with me and stand me  to face the problems. Yes you’re right I founded my world in you…. Where,outside of this world everything is alienatic. 

Yes,I know again all the things we discussed always stops with you. (distracted). 

I wonder, if I can make my own way. 

I wonder, if I can do whatever I think. 

I wonder, if I can be with you. 

I wonder, when I would listen some precious words from which I want listen just once from the starting. 

I wonder 

I wonder 

I wonder 

Yes I wonder, if I would make the things easy for you… 

Yes I wonder, if I would do something special for you…. 

Yes I wonder, if I would give you the world’s happiness…. 

Yes I wonder, if I can take your problems…!!!!

Yes I wonder, If I could make you loved like anything…!! 

But, everytime life doesn’t supports us, it always takes an exams how much reliable we are? Again teaching me lessons….!!!! 

Thinking about life….!!!! 

Feelings, LoVe, Thoughts

Unconditional Love For Forever….!!~

I placed my  heart in your hand…..!!!!

I gave you my unconditional love to you….!

Never leave a true relation for few faults…Nobody is perfect.Nobody is correct at the end. Affection is always greater than perfection.

Do whatever  you want  to do with it…I don’t mind

I totally gave you everything….

I know it’s madness for you

but for me it’s a fully madness

Sometimes I thought about time…how fast it is going…!!

I mean I haven’t see you properly yet..!

I always says whenever I see you…I see you like as first time

I wish i can stop time here….FREEZE

But not possible….!!!!

Not suddenly but yes you become my everything

Why I love you?

Why I can’t do anything without you?

Why I you become my heart?


I loved you like anything..

I feel you like anything…

I give you my all like anything…

Sometimes in our life we faces lots of colors of life

Still we together….isn’t something between us? 

In thoughts I said lots but in front of you haven’t said anything…. 

Why this distance between me n you..

We met but we didn’t…. 

I found you as a very good teacher of my life…

I learned lots….

I found my world in your dreams_in your love

I feel I’m the most luckiest girl in the world 

When you’re with me

We are together but our paths are different

You are my sun…

I wanted to become earth to watch you everyday whole day 

You are my moon….

Again I wanted to become earth to watch you whole night 

It’s nothing… Just madness

Yes it’s madness 

Yes it’s madness 

I wanted to become everything for you 

Not possible really..!!!!

Yes it is totally madness 

Yes it is totally madness 

Yes it is Love

Yes it is Love 

Yes Love 





In return just give me your dimple smile…with your blushing eyes…. 🙂

Feelings, LiFe, thought provoking

She for-got “”(is she)

She was flying…but she forgot

She was laughing,smiling…but she forgot

She was dancing…but she forgot

She was starving…but she forgot

She was happy…but she forgot

She was loving…but she forgot

She was caring…but she forgot

She was waiting…but she forgot

She was feeling…but she forgot

She just  started enjoying her life again…but she forgot

She forgot…she forgot…she forgot


she forgot her limitations…

She’s moving beyond the limitations

Whatever she’s doing it’s beyond the limitations…


Yes..it is…but at last she’s alone.

Then how come it’s good.

A very true quotation “excess of everything is bad for everything” So true

Well,Whatever is it, I don’t have any regret for anything…

I know what am doing…!!!

I just want is your smile…when you happy I’ll also…

Don’t know about others n don’t want to know also..I only care for you.

Always beyond the limitations, without expectations,without regret, like anything.

If you are thinking it’s madness…then definitely YES..a big YES

Wanted to wrong that quote…n I’ll once(I KNOW)

Yes I’m behaving like kid…I know shouldn’t be…

But I don’t want to be behave like mature person..

I don’t know why people behaving like they are mature

It’s too boring isn’t?

Of-course yes..What will have to do after become mature?

Life is in your hand…this is your decision right;where you want go with this ? what will you do with it?

ALways the choice is your’s…

Because in your life you have to walk alone at last,no one’ll be you…

We have only life to live n explore,then why we’ll waste by become serious n mature?

This is not done…enjoy your life,feel the rhythm.

Everyone always be busy,but this is your just part of life not a life..!!!!



You’re amaze in yourself, you’re more interesting than that,you ‘re the person who is everything for you….


She also forgot this also…hahha!!!(sarcastic)


In Life’s path, with the speed where we all going nobody knows…what they are doing…

only they’re moving with the flow of speed life.

What they’ll get at the end…Nothing

because what you are doing is somewhere for someone, and at the end when that person will not be with you…What’ll you do..?

Ask yourself…no knows you better than you..!!!!

Life is moving with their natural speed, but you’re moving too fast…!!

Yes am being childish…in that much pressure,tension,etc. And I don’t feel bad being childish,moreover; I feel good n fresh….:)

You think yourself what you been n what you are now?

Face it…No need to ignore…!!!



Feelings, negative, thought provoking, Thoughts

Thoughts of Negativity…!!!

Thought of Negativity….Height of thoughts

A person thinks too much in their whole life,

Different thinking’s like – Positive ,Negative , both…!!!

People who thinks positive are the happiest people in the world but in same side saddest one too from inside…

When they seems too much happy with positive thoughts then surely they either hurts too much or happy in real..!!!

People with negative thoughts are completely unhappy , frustrated &lost peoples…

When it seems to be pretending behavior it completely means that they are with the negative thoughts….!!!

People who thinks both at the same time POSITIVE +NEGATIVE they are still trying to balance the things which is happening with them..

Happiness or Pain are two sides of positive n negative thoughts…

Life is so beautiful for some people in the same side bad tooo

Peoples are always afraid of Truth N Lie..

They afraid to face it…WHY?

Seems like they doesn’t want to accept anything…

They knows every pros n cons…biggest reason

They do everything….

Negativity…why people always thinks they’re always right

Is It…?

No…you aren’t…ask yourself

Face yourself in mirror…

If you are able to make eye-contact with yourself…then you have some positivity…

Do you have your self -confidence to stand in front of the mirror….??

I Have…!!!

But still I don’t know who I am…

What I am…Why I’m on this living-dead world..?

Nothing…I don’t know about myself…!!!

“Every  bad situation have something positive.Even the stop clock shows twice a right time in a day. Believe in god ..this is not a good time but  may be coming time will be much better than now….””

Still waiting for the best time again…

People won’t let go easily…they need you because they want..

Sometimes they’ll take you as for granted..

Peoples know they are doing wrong thing..still doing

Human nature’s…can’t understand sometimes ….

They want everything but not their own…they want everything should put there in front of them…

Doesn’t  want to accept things easily…

Trust the person who always hurt you…

Sarcastic comments…etc.

Why don’t people see their own  collar…

Why they don’t mind their own business…

They knows only how to pull their leg…


Sometimes I thought why they’re behaving like fools..

Why they don’t stop all these negative things..

I mean what they get after doing this….Just satisfaction

FUCK OFFF..!!!!!!!!!

Don’t want to describe negativity Stop here !!!!

Positivity….Something natural

like nature, environment,river ,trees….etc.

It is beautiful..but for some of them it is harsh..

Life is full of both- negativity and positivity

It depends what you choose in your life…

And it’ll change your thinking level

Sometimes I think why people choose the wrong just because it is easy to choose..

Why they choose every sad things and avoid happiness…

They choose their path by own and after that  blame others for the results …

Nothing is important in this world except your inner satisfaction..

I bet you you’ll never happy with your lies n all…are you??

Ask yourself..!!!


No answer…m I right??

Just ignore the negativity feel free to yourselves…










Feelings, intoxication, LoVe, Thoughts


Life…it gives many things which we can’t keep forever

The Gifts…make you happy,alive and after that, it’s all taken back

And leaves you alone……..

She was sitting alone listening to a song…

Suddenly she started thinking about him,

She doesn’t know how much she loves him… or what it is…..

She was enjoying the happiest moment spent with him…

But at a corner of her heart, she’s afraid too………. :O

Something happened to her, she’s believing…him

Something happened that very night…”An addiction”

That music… was an intoxication

She sank deep into the rhythm ..not conscious herself

The world was soo beautiful in her own thoughts and imaginations…she couldn’t come out

The autumn season knocked the door….And the leaf which was supposed to shed is still attached to the branch so nicely… 🙂 or was it attached to the memories with the branch?

After all the hot summer air at the end of the evening, there is mild, cool & soft air blowing …

which touches her soul and secretly whispering in her ears “he is missing you”….She said that it’s not possible…

Suddenly her mobile beeps….guess what…his message “where are you”.

She is suddenly startled …(what?)

She SMILED….:)

The moment She felt his touches…in her ingenuity.

She shivered…still recollecting his  last touch…

she told to herself “Just close your eyes remember those moments” the feelings which started with the discussion and ended with….the last feel of his heartbeat…..”

Imaginations going wild n wild n wild…..should stop here.

She wants nothing but him….

She feels nothing but him…

She likes nothing but him…

She sees nothing but him…

She dreams nothing but him…

She loves nothing but him…

He is the one she loves… and one day she is gonna bid him good bye!!!

YES..She wants nothing but HIM…

Agreed, She’s mad 🙂

Feelings, Thoughts

WItH YoU…or…WiThOuT YoU

Sometimes it happens that I forget myself,

Would go anywhere , go anywhere

I woke up smelling like a flower… When I saw you

I bloomed when your breath touched me

Mind you’re not with me…but can feel you so much like you’re here with me…

Just touch is not necessary always…!!!

Have definitely a desire to get you…But I’m afraid of losing you

What to do…as someone said very truly”Nothing Lasts Forever” 🙂

Yes of-course I can feel jealousy..NOO it’s not.. I think it’s fear

What….It can’t be.

Why sometimes we think tooooo much…

When everyone had been sleeping in the dark night ,then  I was missing you

Whenever you are not with me….

I just close my eyes n spell your name, remembering your cutest dimple smile 🙂

I smiled..

Whenever you walked away…I follow your feeling

Don’t be that close to my heart, sometimes couldn’t hold  heart..

Have you ever seen these tears flowing through my cheeks n meets with pillow..

How’ll you see..:) it was so dark here and you were sleeping that time…

When the night has come and gone couldn’t recognize …

Every night has a new story…And I’ll take those stories and put down in words

Everyday has something different…

Summer season knocked on the doors…leaves are beginning to fall from trees..

So what…Sometimes some leaves remain..hahhahaa

I don’t know it’s a joke or I’m just trying to make myself understand….Whatever

Everyone busy with their stuff; even you & me…

Sometimes I feel, I’m really mad..

I sometimes asks to my loneliness…who am I?

Then my reflection speaks suddenly…”You stupid..you have a body  made up of clay

You came here to experience many things…

Don’t think too much dear…Just accept what is going on..Because this is part of your life/experience.”

Now, I guess I know my answer…and now everything is fine.

But..as am human body…can’t accept the changes easily,

So, I’ll take time.

Still can see you in front of me….you are comforting me with your dimple smile 🙂

I can say that now am happy with you n after you also.

Feelings, intoxication


You will not  get everything in one day, always something is left to do…

So why don’t we live in now what we have..

Who knows…when we reach there they already  done…

N we missed the most beautifull moments of our life

Why we chase  everything..?

There is something in air….

Like intoxication’s…

Intoxication of madness…

Intoxication of speed….

Intoxication of  dreams…

What is Intoxication…?

Something called state of mind..?


Intoxication….achieve highest peak

Intoxication….run very fast(splash)

Intoxication…scream like anything

Intoxication…fall in love of infertility

Intoxication…make words web




Intoxication…beauty of nature

Intoxication…earthy scent while raining

Intoxication…the first rays of the sun

Intoxication…waning sun smoke

Intoxication…the cool breeze

Intoxication…Lime soft light of the moon

Intoxication…Walking in the snowy meadows

Intoxication…To touch the soul

Intoxication…The fragrance of your body

Intoxication…The fumes rise from your body

Intoxication…Wrap you in a blanket of darkness of night

Intoxication…Your ruddy lips

Intoxication…You fill in the arms

Intoxication…Of your madness

Intoxication…Of your wet body

Intoxication…Of your lime

Intoxication…hide you in my heart

Intoxication…love to let loose

Intoxication…your eyes