Feelings, hurts, LiFe, LoVe, Thoughts

The STORMS….!!!!!

Just few days ago, a storm passed and took everything.  Suddenly everyday routine changed, suddenly the winds changed their ways…!!! 

Seems like everything changing. Thinking, priorities, you & me. Only the things doesn’t change yet is my feelings though your too but you know very well how to hide(emotional intelligence)  but always you forgot you can’t lie or hide to me anything. And my problem is I can’t tell lie to you but I can hide from you. We were used to have many things in a day. 

By sitting at corridor,faded n foggy lights, all over dark behind the lights only I listen the the sparkling of leaves while cold air trying to connect with me. All over the silence n scared too I’m. I don’t like darks but somehow me n dark became friends now from few days. Where he became friend of his nostalgic n insomniac nights, I’m trying to become stars n moon n sun n everything for him…who knows when he needs me or I need him. Trying to get closer to him not physically but in his environment because I want to watch him each peace of time n live the moment. 

Somehow both are trying to manges everything . Both are parting ways but never forgot to read each others conversation,never forgot to visit their profiles, n never forgot to see each other in pictures. 

Difference is I everyday expressed my love to him n he successfully managed to hide. Both are trying hard. 

We both are ready to take a step forward but still the connection between us is too strong. Even if we are not with each other but we both are together in hearts 💕…!!!! 

Still watching your smiling face n missing those dimples, the dimples I love the most.  

Still searching those comfort which we used to give each others in arms.

Just waiting for to stop the storms. When it’ll going to stop. 


The storms.