Is being attached with someone that much painful sometimes?? 

Attachment… What is attachment???  Any idea??  For her it’s him,but for him it’s just a bondage.

 A girl  started chatting with a guy. She knows him, but in her mind there’s a different personality. Still both started following each other. From the start the guy was very much sure that he hasn’t fallen for her. And she’s also known.  But then she started falling for him. Each day, everyday,everytime she started thinking about him, watching him.

She’s started flying,singing, dancing on street, making fun… She found herself in him. She’s just started living her dreams… He’s also giving his love to her. He too started caring for her. She’s just flying. But she had made mistake.  She found her dream,her life in him. In his smile,she completely lost herself forever.  She started loving like anything even though she knows he doesn’t. He’ll never. 

Is she doing right??? For her it is. But for him…!!

Everything is going well with the combination of colors of emotions. But what is this… What she’s observing is that there are some hidden words coming between both of them… Like, attachment, kidding…!! So what. What’s the problem if she’s attached to him too much?? What’s the problem if she behaves like a kid sometime? 

Seems like now it’s become bondage for him… What should she do now? She should leave silently or  should she just move on now? Or she should wait for something positive to happen?  She’s so confused now. He’s is very confident with his words. 

Both start having sleepless nights together in two very different places. He’s still awake n thinking…. She’s also still awake n watching his pics. Everything is clear to both of them; then why she doesn’t understand that anything is going to happen anytime. Who’s going to face problems…She??  No, both of them have to face it.  Even though he’s denying….but he forgets that though she doesn’t know him very well but she can recognize him whenever he’d be sad. He also knows these things.  Still he’s behaving like mature person while still being a kid. Still she’s thinking… Is she mad or trying with her heart to become mad?? 

Lots of things she’s thinking at the same time, not for herself but for him. Is she’s completely lost? She’s just watching him smiling in pics. Staring like anything. Asking him… Is getting attached to you is really bothersome for you ???  If yes then she has to leave him because she can’t stay away from him being his girl. Even though she doesn’t want… She knows very well,it is not that easy like she’s writing. Yes she’s living in her world of fantasies where she believes some miracle will happen. And the problem is he’s living in very much practical world where there’s no place for miracle. Still she waits no matter what would happen… It’s neither his fault nor her…because he always stopped her from  falling for him but what she  does is she falls… She’s is not that much practical like him… She needs to understand. She can’t live every dream just by keeping faith on miracles.

Now atleast she knows that there is no word called miracle in her world… She’s being practical from now on,like him.

Planning to start new journey of life but without him…. Even though she knows she can’t be without him….!!!!


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