Feelings, LoVe, Thoughts

Unconditional Love For Forever….!!~

I placed my  heart in your hand…..!!!!

I gave you my unconditional love to you….!

Never leave a true relation for few faults…Nobody is perfect.Nobody is correct at the end. Affection is always greater than perfection.

Do whatever  you want  to do with it…I don’t mind

I totally gave you everything….

I know it’s madness for you

but for me it’s a fully madness

Sometimes I thought about time…how fast it is going…!!

I mean I haven’t see you properly yet..!

I always says whenever I see you…I see you like as first time

I wish i can stop time here….FREEZE

But not possible….!!!!

Not suddenly but yes you become my everything

Why I love you?

Why I can’t do anything without you?

Why I you become my heart?


I loved you like anything..

I feel you like anything…

I give you my all like anything…

Sometimes in our life we faces lots of colors of life

Still we together….isn’t something between us? 

In thoughts I said lots but in front of you haven’t said anything…. 

Why this distance between me n you..

We met but we didn’t…. 

I found you as a very good teacher of my life…

I learned lots….

I found my world in your dreams_in your love

I feel I’m the most luckiest girl in the world 

When you’re with me

We are together but our paths are different

You are my sun…

I wanted to become earth to watch you everyday whole day 

You are my moon….

Again I wanted to become earth to watch you whole night 

It’s nothing… Just madness

Yes it’s madness 

Yes it’s madness 

I wanted to become everything for you 

Not possible really..!!!!

Yes it is totally madness 

Yes it is totally madness 

Yes it is Love

Yes it is Love 

Yes Love 





In return just give me your dimple smile…with your blushing eyes…. 🙂