Feelings, Thoughts

WItH YoU…or…WiThOuT YoU

Sometimes it happens that I forget myself,

Would go anywhere , go anywhere

I woke up smelling like a flower… When I saw you

I bloomed when your breath touched me

Mind you’re not with me…but can feel you so much like you’re here with me…

Just touch is not necessary always…!!!

Have definitely a desire to get you…But I’m afraid of losing you

What to do…as someone said very truly”Nothing Lasts Forever” 🙂

Yes of-course I can feel jealousy..NOO it’s not.. I think it’s fear

What….It can’t be.

Why sometimes we think tooooo much…

When everyone had been sleeping in the dark night ,then  I was missing you

Whenever you are not with me….

I just close my eyes n spell your name, remembering your cutest dimple smile 🙂

I smiled..

Whenever you walked away…I follow your feeling

Don’t be that close to my heart, sometimes couldn’t hold  heart..

Have you ever seen these tears flowing through my cheeks n meets with pillow..

How’ll you see..:) it was so dark here and you were sleeping that time…

When the night has come and gone couldn’t recognize …

Every night has a new story…And I’ll take those stories and put down in words

Everyday has something different…

Summer season knocked on the doors…leaves are beginning to fall from trees..

So what…Sometimes some leaves remain..hahhahaa

I don’t know it’s a joke or I’m just trying to make myself understand….Whatever

Everyone busy with their stuff; even you & me…

Sometimes I feel, I’m really mad..

I sometimes asks to my loneliness…who am I?

Then my reflection speaks suddenly…”You stupid..you have a body  made up of clay

You came here to experience many things…

Don’t think too much dear…Just accept what is going on..Because this is part of your life/experience.”

Now, I guess I know my answer…and now everything is fine.

But..as am human body…can’t accept the changes easily,

So, I’ll take time.

Still can see you in front of me….you are comforting me with your dimple smile 🙂

I can say that now am happy with you n after you also.